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This page is devoted to reviews left by people who command the service of Speedy Payday Loans. If you have a desire to share your experience with other people to ease their decision.

Satisfied Clients of Speedy Payday Loans Online

Louis, Brentwood, TN:

“When there is not enough money, I address Speedy Payday Loans online. At the moment, I have not been yet deceived. I usually get funds quickly, I return it within stated period of time. Managers are nice, polite in communication.”


Owen, Provincetown, MA:

“There are people who scold online lenders, but I’ll say pleasant things about Speedy Payday Loans! I was denied in consumer’s credit in 3 banks, they say, my salary is not enough to be approved. They do not listen that money is needed for expensive medications, which prescribed for daily and plenty application. As a result, I have been issued a loan in mentioned above company, approved desired loan amount. And inquiries about the income from work are not necessary, the contract was issued in 15 minutes.”


Nicole, Sodtown, NE:

“I somehow had to solve one unpleasant situation and needed a loan urgently. I commanded the service of Speedy Payday Loans and got everything I needed. I did not expect that they will give everything so quickly. In less than an hour application was processed and money was sent within 24 hours.”


Oliver, Dallas, TX:

“This is the best online broker I have ever consulted! Approved on the same day, almost immediately money transferred into credit card! Interest is acceptable. Only one drawback: they do not approve a large amount over $ 1000 and only for 1 month.”


Olivia, California, CA:

“What especially nice in Speedy Payday Loans is that they work around the clock! And the decision is made very quickly, you need only several personal data. The amount available is from $ 100 to $ 1 000. And another plus: for repeated calls, the interest rate on the loan is reduced.”


Andrew, Germantown, IL:

“Applied for several times, but at the last – appeared to be a delay. It did not manage to return on time. Therefore very pleasantly surprised when they called me back and offered to extend loan agreement in order not to spoil credit history. Thank you!”


Elliot, Sardis, MS:

“Thank you! Quick approval even with bad credit history. Paid it back in time. Fee for a loan is not great. It is a pity that they give only payday loans for a short period of time, but on the other hand, it is enough to live up till the paycheck.”


Louis, Mccall, ID:

“Service in Speedy Payday Loans is impeccable and very operative. Even nice. The percentage is divine. One drawback- you can get money only transferred on credit card, but it’s not a problem. I also paid a loan back automatically.”


NicoleNicole, Philadelphia, PA:

“I took an apartment in a mortgage, and I’m still not used to the fact that these payments “eat up” most of the income. Sometimes there is not enough money to pay, for current expenses. You will not go to the bank, I am already credited there, nothing will be given away with such a history. A couple of times I took money in Speedy Payday Loans online. Cash is transferred into credit card and debited the same way.”


Georgina, Waubun, MN:

“It is quite difficult for me to get a loan, having not the best credit history. But this lender does not care about this. This organization was able to help me out by giving me a loan of $ 1 000. I made out everything in a day and then I got a transfer to the card within 24 hours.”


LucyLucy, Mesopotamia, OH:

“Payday loans are a very necessary thing, for people like me. It was a very difficult situation when money was needed urgently and at night. Friends do not help, parents are far away, small child with me. At that time, I did not even know about the existence of online loans. Just surfed the Internet and found Speedy Payday Loans. Filled the application, and … a miracle happened! I was saved!”


Ellis, Knox, ND:

“Probably girls will understand and support me, but I had to take a payday loan for buying boots. I could not pass by, cash was not enough, and for my salary there was still two weeks. But I quickly repaid the debt, so the urgent loan helped me out.”


CharlieCharlie, Beaumont, TX:

“There is Speedy Loans company that issues loans online, directly to the card, approval of more than 90%. I constantly use it, solve problem very quickly and efficiently in non-stop 24/7 mode. Recently, the amount of $ 1 000 was urgently needed, literally 15 minutes after the application was submitted on the site, I was approved. I recommend everyone who has difficulties with finance, they really helped me out.”


Peter, Oakland, CA:

“I am a person who has got used to solve everything quickly, even problems, but I spent a little time, and found a convenient financial organizations in all respects – Speedy Payday Loans. Read reviews about it, and issued the first loan of $ 800, the procedure went well and moreover quickly. I had a period of 20 days, just before my paycheck. I paid it back as well by means of credit card, no commission for the transfer was taken. Consultants are friendly and polite. The interest for using the loan also suited me. This is my choice and I recommend to you this company!”


Zoe, North Miami, FL:

“I want to leave a positive review about company Speedy Payday Loans. I urgently need money. Left application in four different financial organizations, and only in borrower came a positive decision. Cash is transferred into credit card and it is the most convenient thing!”


Freddie, Bloomington, IL:

“Sometimes I make purchases on the Internet with credit card payment, there is not always enough money, especially during the sales period. I took money online because it is the most convenient way for me exactly. If you cannot take cash for several days, you may issue an order until your paycheck!”