Get a payday loan in no time

Cash Advance

Cash advance is a financial deposit that makes it possible not to depend on the employer, his desire to issue a paycheck. Using the Speedy Payday Loans service, you can take out a loan on the card and not worry about not having enough funds for the most urgent stuff.

Simple application, favorable terms are the key to successful cooperation. You can get a loan to the card online around the clock. This is much more convenient than borrowing from relatives and friends, accumulating debts or borrowing from an employer. After spending just a minute filling out the application, you will quickly receive the required amount to your bank card.

The most common reason for issuing cash advance is not enough money to cover some expenses. Someone incorrectly distributes the family budget, someone receives a small salary and cannot save money for a rainy day. That is why modern payday lending services have developed a special loan program – cash advance. This is a short-term loan for up to a month, not a small amount, which allows you to close current financial problems and repay the debt after receiving a salary.

How to get cash advance?

This service can be used in cases when money is urgently needed in debt to the card, when there is not enough money to pay, or when there are some unforeseen expenses. You can apply for such a loan both online and in the branch of any microfinance organization.

To begin with, you need to decide on a microfinance organization, for this you can use the services of our online referral service, where all microfinance organizations operating on the territory of the USA are selected.

Many lending companies work online around the clock, so you have the opportunity to issue cash advance at any time of the day without leaving home. To do this, you will need:

  • go through the application procedure;
  • following all the instructions, provide the necessary scanned copies of the documents (if required);
  • using an online calculator, calculate the required amount and a convenient loan term;
  • submit an application for review, and within several minutes your loan application can be approved. In this way, you can get money to the card quickly, without scrupulous checks.

Who can get cash advance in a payday lending company?

Payday lending services do not have such strict terms for issuing loans as in banks. The following categories of citizens can apply for a small loan in a microfinance organization:

  • citizens of USt;
  • clients who have reached the age of majority;
  • pensioners under the age of 65 (in some – 70) years old;
  • there is no need to be officially employed and confirm your solvency with any documents.

The failure rate is significantly less than in any bank. But this does not mean at all that the payday lenders does not conduct reviews. The loan may be refused:

  • in case of large delinquencies on past loans;
  • in the case of an outstanding loan from another microfinance organization.

Advantages of cash advance

  • Cash advance is a convenient and profitable alternative to bank loans and contacting relatives and friends. If in banks the procedure for issuing funds is delayed for several days and requires the submission of a large number of documents, then in microfinance companies you can get money in just 10-15 minutes.
  • Contacting relatives also does not always allow you to get the right amount, besides, you have to devote close people to your problems.
  • When taking out cash advance, you will not have to report on the expenditure of funds, provide checks, receipts and other documents.
  • Regular customers can borrow funds for a longer period — up to 18 weeks.