Get a payday loan in no time

Installment Loans

Each client, regardless of duration cooperation with lending companies, can now take a long-term loan to the credit card. This product is available after one successfully covered agreement. The service is provided without refusals and tedious formalities. You just need to fill out an application, indicating the desired term and loan amount.

Ease of issuing installment loans

The scope of the lending companies has expanded significantly, which made it possible to take out a loan not only for a short term, but also for a longer period. This is directly related to consumer demand, because many people cannot issue a long-term loan from a bank due to excessive requirements. Such institutions make up a large list of documents, meticulously check solvency and seriously assess your credit history.

Often there are situations when a person waits for an answer for several days, eventually receiving a refusal. An installment loan is a guarantee of almost instant transfer of the required amount using a simple scheme. It is not necessary to visit a loan office, collect a bunch of certificates from various authorities, and it is not necessary to have a high salary. Any income can serve as proof of solvency: royalties, rented property, etc.

Requirements for long-term online loans

Lending is carried out on understandable terms according to a simplified scheme: with a minimum of documents, without tedious checks, collateral, guarantors. You won’t be refused due to imperfect credit history, lack of regular income, or informal employment. Lending companies issue long-term installment loans to pensioners, students, women on maternity leave and other categories of the population, which are automatically classified by banks as unreliable payers.

Using lending services eliminates paperwork and other time-consuming formalities. Applications are accepted from citizens of the United States aged 18-75. New clients issued $2,500 for up to 30 days, and you can take out a long-term loan on a card online from the second request, indicating the desired amount. The request is submitted through the Personal Account.

Stages of issuing an installment loan

The primary task is to register on the official website, which takes a few minutes. When filling out the form, only general information is required: full name, ID data. Next, the card is linked to which funds will be transferred. An online loan for a card for a long period is provided if the card is personal and its details are specified correctly (you cannot change the information, so you should very carefully enter the number and validity period). When re-applying, these actions are not necessary. It is enough to go to your personal account and select the desired product.

In general, an installment loan is issued in 5 stages:

  • submission of a loan application indicating personal and contact information;
  • instant check of the application by an automatic system;
  • signing of an online agreement (no need to contact the office of the company);
  • sending scans of your ID;
  • crediting the installment loan to the card for a long term.

In most cases, the scoring system is engaged in checking the requests, giving an answer according to the number of points. The leding companies do not require confirmation of solvency, but in order to accurately receive a long-term loan for a year, it is worth indicating the main income (scholarship, salary, pension) and additional sources of finance (rent, royalties, one-time receipts, etc.). Urgent long-term loans are transferred to the card only after the introduction of the verification SMS code on the site. Lending is carried out without reference to registration and current place of residence. All information provided is protected by security protocols.

How to issue an installment loan online?

Long-term installment loan is an instant solution to your financial problems with the ability to return money in parts without reducing your personal budget. It is offered to make payments on the loan every 14 days, which will greatly facilitate the obligations of the borrower.

Lending companies are the first options to offer large sums for a long term not only to its proven clients, but also to those who apply to the company only for the second time, which is the undoubted advantage. To apply, it is enough to have a valid ID of the US citizen and access to the Internet. Other requirements are:

  • be at least 18 years old;
  • be employed and have a reliable source of income;
  • have a checking account;
  • have a valid email address and phone number.