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About Us

Many citizens believe that in developed countries, micro-loans to salary are not well-known worldwide. This is far from being the case. Demand for microloans abroad is big enough, and it continues growing.

Industry Origin

The pioneer of microfinance and microcredit is considered Bangladeshi banker and Nobel Peace Prize 2006 Muhammad Yunus. It was he who noticed how often ordinary citizens require small speedy loans for food, personal needs, repair, purchase of necessary tools for family business.

In 1983 he founded bank Grameen, which gave farmers small payday loans. Microloans are issued without security, in full confidence and at lower than moneylenders percent. Experience has shown that this approach is fully justified itself – about 98% of loans issued to customers return.

The US and Europe

Today, speedy payday loans are popular in many countries around the world. For example, in the UK about 4 million citizens command the service of small loans delivered to your door, plus another 2 million customers are willing to take out loans to wage.speedy payday loans

In other European countries microloans actively are given to needs of start-up entrepreneurs, students and pensioners. Especially for those segments of population rate is usually lower.

Micro-loans to salary is acknowledged in the United States as well. The average size of a microloan amount is 500-5000 dollars. The amount of interest is in the range of 5-9% per annum. Give out such loans for a period of a few days to 2-3 weeks. Really speakng, Speedy Payday Loans is very popular in the USA. Our service is what you really need if you want to realize your plans and dreams.

As a rule, payday loans are very popular among poor Americans who are rejected credit in banks, but also average online lenders. Speedy Payday Loans is universal way to get cash online, everything you need is to leave an application on our website –

In the US, as well as in Europe financial authorities attach great importance to microfinance industry regulation. Lenders are required by authorities before issuing a loan to borrower to explain all the main points, including overpayment size. Also, if possible, lender must make it clear to client that speedy loan is not suitable for a long time, its main task – to meet customer needs within 2-3 weeks. If client does not understand it, then it may be talked out of loan processing.

What is Speedy Payday Loans?

Speedy Payday Loans is online service providing people with an opportunity to get money within some minutes. If you come across with financial troubles you are welcome on our website where you will find way out from difficult situation.

Our service provides people with speedy loans online. Sum of money available is ranged from $100 – $1000. It is up to you to decide what sum of money you need. Leave an application, filling in your personal data (only document of identification) and your request will be processed as fast as possible.

We should point out that our service is a short-term one lending money for 2-3 weeks. It is really known as “cash to salary”. The procedure is simple as mentioned above – we do not require collecting special documents just document of identification by means of which you will fill in an application.

But we have three main requirements:

  1. you should be over 18 years old;
  2. have constant working place for three month;
  3. have active bank account.

If all three requirements are met, nothing will prevent you from taking a loan. Bad credit history will not be taken into consideration. But remember any credit should be paid back. We do not “present” money for our customers, we try to mutually beneficial relations between us and company administration.

We also protect our customers from any unlegalized access to their personal data. SSL- protocol is what what we use to provide our customers with absolute security. We do not distribute, trade or disclose personal data to the third parties without prior consent. Everything you need is to provide our customers with outstanding service. We do our best to meet customers’ needs and wishes.

If any questions appear you are welcome to ask them via our e-mail: and our support group will answer them all or if some technical problem appear they will easily cope with it. Really speaking Speedy Payday Loans is the most reliable and authoritative online service providing people with cash fast because we have 100% approval. In 15 minutes you will be sent confirmation e-mail and next day you will have money in your pockets. Do not leave your home and get money on your active bank account.

Realize your dreams with Speedy Payday Loans because we do not ask loan purpose: you may decide for yourself whether you need to buy clothes, to order furniture or to go abroad.You plans are easily realized by Speedy Payday Loans online.

Why Us?

  • 100% and fast approval
    (15 min)
  • absolute protection
  • beneficial interest rate
  • bad credit history
  • only one document