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Cash Loans – No Credit Check!

What are cash loans?

Speedy Payday LoansSpeedy Payday Loans is a loan over the Internet, which does not require the personal presence of the borrower’s bank or microfinance organization. One major advantage is that we spare your time. Now there is no need to go to banks and wait for your turn. You may quickly place an order for a emergency loan without leaving home, sitting on a chair! Find out whether microloans are suitable for you.

When you have a vivid desire to take instant loan, you do not need to drive around a lot of banks, analyzing the offers of different companies. You can take advantage of Speedy Payday Loans service and to find a quick loan on favorable terms. You will only have to fill in the online application form. Of course, you will quickly get money transfer to the card or banking account after your leave an enquiry for an online loan, and you only have to spend them on your needs.

How to get cash loans near me Idaho Boise?

As a rule, the application is made directly on the site of Speedy Payday Loans in the form of questionnaires, based on which our MFI using the internet technologies can make a decision to grant or deny a personal loan. You will be notified about your decision either by the phone or via the Internet through the company’s website. If yes, you will get money transfer to your banking account, which you have specified in the questionnaire.

Basic requirements for cash loans for bad credit Idaho:

  1. Speedy loans are granted to individuals of the legal age (18 years old);
  2. Working for 3 months;
  3. Presence of a banking account.

These are the three main criteria for getting an instant loan online, but there may be additional terms and conditions.

Terms of online cash loans Boise:

  • Online loan amount from 100 to 1 000 dollar;
  • Loan terms from 1 to 30 days;
  • Interest rate of 2% per day;
  • No hidden fees.

No hidden fees and charges

We are always open and honest with our clients, online cash loans 83704 have no hidden fees and payments. General terms and rules of our personal loans are clearly defined and we recommend that you read them carefully. After a quick cash loan is approved, all current information about the amount, timing and methods of repayment will always be available in your Personal Page.


Quick loans online is a logical solution for short-term financial issues. We do not recommend using them to solve long-term financial difficulties or buying things on credit.

Before making an application, assess your repayment capability. In case of late payment our company charges daily fines. It can also ruin your credit history and cause denial of an emergency loan in the future.

Our guarantee

Speedy Payday Loans is a reliable microfinance organization operating under the license in accordance with the current legislation. The online company is assigned a security rating A + .mfi, which corresponds to “very high”, with a “stable” prognosis. In 2016 the company was one of the three largest organizations providing cash loans near me 83634.

Getting an online loan from our company, you can be calm: your personal data is protected by security protocols and does not get to third parties.

More than 1 million clients are currently using cash loans for bad credit 83646 and appreciated our advantages. Explore our benefits on your personal experience!